Every year at Christmas time the craziness just seems to multiply with shoppers climbing over each other for the best bargains.  Ordinary human beings sprout claws and become the spawn of a hungry beast in order to grab the best gifts and the last frozen turkey, ignoring years of well-polished manners in order to get that bargain!

Yes!  It’s Christmas time again and the madness of the holiday season is upon us, with the expectations of:

       Expensive presents for absolutely everyone
       Visiting people you would rather ignore
       Providing the king’s feast
       Tip-Toeing around fragile ego’s
       Spending time with your partner’s relatives

How does anyone survive Christmas?
It’s just what we have to endure every year, isn’t it?  There is no escape?

You CAN have a stress-free Christmas!

 It’s true!

How to Survive Christmas is your guide to a STRESS FREE Christmas with strategies to help you tip-toe around “special” people in your life, the effects of too many “one’s for the road” and the battering of the credit card.

 Let this eBook be your Christmas present to you.  After all, you deserve it.

This little gem may just be the


this year   

 So what’s inside?  I know you can’t wait to find out.  You will learn:

     How to Survive Christmas on a budget
    Why you don’t get to do things your way and how to turn it around
    How you can re-write the rules to suit you
    How you can get through a night you’d rather forget
    Strategies for dealing with THOSE relatives and friends
    How to prevent your Credit Card from getting a beating
    How to recover from the ill effects of drowning in festive “cheer”
    Why some people bother you more than others but you don’t know why ….                                   .            – AND what you can do about it
   The REAL reason children are naughty and not so nice
   How to beat depressed in the “Joyous” season
   How to minimize the clean up after the Cyclone Party time
   How to have a more successful year than the last many years
Here’s the thing!  We learn about what Christmas is supposed to look like from the TV.  Magazines show us an amazing spread with so many ornaments on the table that there is no-where to put food.  We know it’s over the top but we just HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL!
Why do we do this?  The reason is simple and it is why I put together this eBook.  You can order it right now and begin your stress free Christmas season now for just $27.85.
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I know you will love it……BUT…
I also know you want more, so I have some BONUSES for you.
I found a great little book called 100 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas.  It has even more great ideas to ease the stress at this time of the year.   I know you will find some fabulous ideas that suit you.
 This great little book called Christmas Countdown counts from the 1st of December to the 25th December and is filled with traditions, stories, Christmas Carols and wallpapers for your computer.
Every child loves stories so I have some tales from a number of authors including the master himself – Mr Charles Dickens.
Bonus number four is some games and fun to keep little kids and big kids from getting bored.  Let yourself laugh and enjoy being silly.  That’s what this season is all about.
Who loves fudge?  I know you’re too busy to do many extras but who hasn’t got time to make 5 Minute Fudge?  Bonus 5 has some amazing recipes from fudge to pie, to a Herb Parmesan Bread Wreath.  So many recipes to choose from.
All this is free when you purchase my eBook for just $27.85.  That’s the best Stocking filler price ever!!

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I know you’re a bit concerned about buying things from the internet.
  • Am I going to get my money’s worth
  • Is there really a product to be download
  • Am I going to get value for my money
The answer to all of these is YES
And just to show you that I know you will get great value for your hard-earned dosh as well as all of the great bonuses listed, and I am absolutely convinced that if you follow these tips and ideas, you will have the best Christmas and new year EVER!
If, after you go through all of the bonuses, the eBook and do the tasks inside, that you have not got any benefit from them then I will refund your money.


Can You Feel The Excitement of Christmas?

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Here’s To Your Fabulous Christmas

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